Public Distribution System

The significance of PDS lies in its effort to distribute food grains equitably, & at a fairly low price to the poor of the society. The system identifies & categories the weaker section of the population as targeted beneficiaries under various schemes. They receive ration cards from the government to claim their entitlements in the form of specific quantities of essential commodities from the retail outlets every month. The system functions with the joint efforts of the State & the Central government to alleviate poverty & provide food security to the needy section of the population. The PDS stock or the bulk of essential commodities to be distributed, is lifted with the coordination between the State & the Central government. The OSCSC Ltd acts as an agent of the State government, and handles the responsibilities of purchase, procurements, storage and delivery of the stock to the retail dealers.


Rice, Levy Sugar and APL Wheat are distributed through public distribution system. The Corporation procures rice from the various parts of the state, through its decentralized procurement operations. OSCSC Ltd also purchases rice from FCI & other agencies like MARKFED, NAFED etc. . The rice procured by the Corporation, lifted from FCI and received from other agencies are stored at godowns owned or hired by OSCSC Ltd .The rice procured through decentralized procurement operation is stored in Rice Receiving Centers (RRCs). The levy sugar as allotted by the Central Govt is lifted by the OSCSC from allotted mills of Orissa and other states of the country. Every month there is allotment of nearly 8732.8 MT of levy sugar for the state . About 10% of the allotted sugar is lifted form the five mills of Orissa and the rest 90% of sugar is lifted from sugar mills of other state. For storage of levy sugar there are five zonal depots located at Mancheswar, Balasore, Berhampur, Bargarh & Rayagada. OSCSC Ltd lifts wheat from FCI as per the allotments made by the central Govt. The whole procedure of lifting of wheat is done by the Corporation. The rice, wheat & sugar is stored at Rice Receiving Centre-cum-Departmental Storage Center (RRC-cum-DSC), from where it is transported to retail points. The amount allotted per retailer is decided by the concerned authority of the Blocks/ULBs. The rice, wheat & sugar is delivered to retail dealer, as per the allotment made by the Block/ULB of the district.

Surplus CMR of a district is transported to deficit procuring district through sate level H & T Contractor. Handling & Transportation of Rice, Wheat & Sugar from Base RRC, FCI & Sugar Zonal Depot to RRC-cum-DSC is made through H & T Contractor (Level-I). Handling & transportation of stock from RRC-cum-DSC to retail points is made through H & T Contractor (Level-II).