OSCSC Ltd. in recent times is focussed on enhancing its scientific storage capacity to provide infrastructure support to its two main schemes:-

  • >>D Public Distribution System.

  • >>Decentralised Procurement of Paddy.

Requirement to have more scientific godowns has increased hand-in-hand with the increased paddy procurement by the Corporation since Kharif-Market-Season 2003-2004. OSCSC Ltd. utilises 215 godowns as rice Receiving Centres with a capacity of 4.10 lakh MT. It owns 212 godowns, out of which 63 godowns with a capacity of 41,267 MT are used as Rice Receiving Centres. The balance capacity is hired from CWC, OSWC, RMCs and Private parties. The commitment to ensure uninterrupted availability of good quality food grains to the targeted population has led OSCSC Ltd. to focus more on construction of scientific godowns that can be used for long term storage of food-grains. Completion of the 3000 MT capacity godown at Jagatpur within 9 months of time through CWC has been a remarkable achievement in this regard. Two other scientific godowns that are likely to be completed in near future are the 3000 MT godown at Sonepur and 2600 MT capacity godown at Puri. In addition, to augment storage capacity in the state, CWC and OSWC are constructing 3 lakh MT of scientific storage space on guaranteed use by OSCSC Ltd.